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A Message on Diversity

pic_tony_rodioCreating and maintaining an inclusive environment is essential to our continued success at Tropicana Entertainment. We take pride in advancing equal opportunity at all levels of our workforce and equal business opportunities for all vendors doing or seeking to do business with us.

Our employees represent the best and the brightest from a broad range of cultures, backgrounds and perspectives. Our supplier relationships include successful partnerships with minority and women-owned businesses. Through this diversity, we are exposed to new ideas and new approaches to the way we operate and deliver the industry-leading service for which we are known.

Looking to the future, Tropicana Entertainment will continue the implementation of policies and programs already in place that call for the expansion of employment opportunities at all levels of the workforce. Positive efforts will be used to enhance employment opportunities in order to generate and sustain a qualified, balanced workforce at all levels of our organization, including top management.

True success is measured by more than the bottom line. Through all-inclusive respect and teamwork, we have created an environment where everyone wins.


Tony Rodio


President & Chief Executive Officer
Tropicana Entertainment Inc.