Tropicana Employment

Success Stories

Judi Goddard | MontBleu Resort Casino & Spa

Judi Goddard started with MontBleu back in March 2007 as the Administrative Assistant to the General Manager. In 2009 she transferred to Marketing/Entertainment and has continued to work her way up to Entertainment Coordinator and most recently to Entertainment Manager. Judi contributes her success to the support of her fellow team members who provided her the welcoming environment and opportunities to flourish.

“I just love working at MontBleu and enjoy both the customers and the team members. I enjoy engaging with our customers and making them feel welcomed and special. I know they’re on vacation and I want every aspect of their stay to be a positive experience. My fellow team members are like “work family.” We all care about one another and support each other like no other company I have ever worked for. In the nearly 9 years I’ve worked here I’ve always said we have incredibly caring people working for our company.”


Ruthmila Vrolijk | Tropicana Aruba Resort and Casino

Ruthmila, better known as Mila, was employed on March 8, 2011. Mila is our Staff Accountant and performs to management’s satisfaction. She is a quiet person, but great team player, who is well respected by her colleagues and her superiors. Always ready to assist, she will not say no, but will look for an answer on any question you might have.

“I love coming to work. Every day is a different experience, sometimes days can be very busy, but this is helping me to grow as a person and in my work. We are a family; we care, support and motivate each other in every situation we may encounter. It is visible that a lot of investment is going on, on the property and I am excited to see what Tropicana Aruba will come with in the future.”


LaShan McCollough | Trop Casino Greenville

I started with Lighthouse Point Casino in April of 2001 as Pit Clerk. In July 2001, that position was eliminated and I was transferred to the Accounting Department as an Audit Clerk. A year later, I was promoted to Lead Auditor/Title 31 Clerk. I earned several promotions over the years, including Audit Supervisor, Accounting Manager, and as of July 2015, Compliance Manager. I have been afforded great opportunities with Trop Casino Greenville.

“With Trop Casino Greenville, I have gained great experience in the Accounting realm. My work experience has encouraged me to return to school in Accounting. It continues to increase my management skills. More recently, I have gained a better understanding and appreciation for the Gaming industry. I have gained a mentor and a leader who inspires growth. With this comes the desire to work harder and acquire all that is offered to me. ”


Travis Wall | Belle of Baton Rouge

Travis Wall has been with the Belle of Baton Rouge since 1996 when he was hired as a Table Games Dealer. He was promoted to Dual Rate Dealer/Supervisor in January of 1998, Table Games Supervisor in June of 1998, Casino Shift Supervisor in May of 2013 and Player Development Manager in May of 2015. Travis has held many roles in the Table Games Department and has learned not only about Table Games, but about our guest at the Belle which made him a perfect fit in Player Development. He uses his years of knowledge to work with the casino hosts to plan and execute player events and drive business to the Belle. During his time here, he has grown to love the employees and guests and loves the family atmosphere here at the Belle.

“I have been a Belle of Baton Rouge employee for 20 years. Professionally, I started out as a dealer in 1994, rose up the ladder to Casino Shift Supervisor and recently made the move over to Player Development as the Player Development Manager. I enjoy the interactions that me and the team have with our Belle guests, and the joy they receive with a well run hosted event that rewards them for their loyalty to the Belle. On a more personal note, what I love the most about working at the Belle, is we are a true family. I have had the pleasure of working alongside 18 other employees who have also been at the Belle for 20 years! We have grown up together in this business and our families have grown up together outside the business. We all share common qualities- loyalty, dedication and passion toward the Belle. These unique qualities enable us to bond as a team and make quality decisions that will allow growth for the Belle of Baton Rouge, now and into the future.”


Brian Sheppard | Tropicana Atlantic City

Brian was hired in January 2006 to work at Tropicana Atlantic City’s Front Desk and he quickly created a family of followers. He loves his extended Tropicana Family and it shows. As our unofficial Concierge, Brian spends his time making sure that when a guest stays at Tropicana it is a MEMORABLE experience and they can’t wait to return. Recently we received a letter from a guest, who wanted to express appreciation of how Brian went out of his way to make their weekend romantic and special … from the trail of rose petals leading to a rose petal heart on the bed; to arranging flowers and Godiva Chocolates to be delivered to the room; and making their dinner reservation at Fin.

“What I love about my job is that I get to make memories for our guests. I get to share my experiences of the Tropicana , the city , and the region with the guests (especially those who are not familiar with the city and region). I like going to the events in the area, attractions , cultural and recreation places and food/drink establishments and sharing with the customer what I think is worthwhile. I love when I recommend to someone somewhere to go and they come back and say thank you for the recommendation and share their experience with me!”


Gilda Perez | Tropicana Laughlin

At 23 years old, Gilda Perez came looking for a job and felt like Tropicana had the best family atmosphere. She was hired as a Kitchen Runner and 120 days later she transferred to the Slot Department as a Change Person. 1 year later she realized that there was so much opportunity to grow in this company, Gilda found out that Tropicana would train her for free to become a Dealer. From 1993 to 2007 she was a Dealer. Gilda really delivered the brand and her customer service excelled. She won several awards for Best Dealer on the River as well as Team Member of the Month and Team Member of the Year. In 2007, Gilda had the great privilege of being promoted to Executive Casino Host. This was a good fit for her because of the strong relationship she had built up with the customers. To this day, Gilda is very happy that Tropicana valued her enough to give her the opportunity to be a part of the Tropicana family.

“I immigrated to the United States at a very young age. I did not know English or much of anything else about growing up in the United States. Most of everything I learned about America I learned as a Team Member at the Tropicana Laughlin. I learned to speak English while working here. I took classes to learn skills about communication, business, and writing that would help me in my job and career. Early on I had good Managers and Mentors who taught me about responsibility, respect, customer service and hard work. I started as Buffet Kitchen Runner on February 14, 1992. After 3 months as a Runner I transferred to the slot department as a change person. After a year as Slot Change Attendant, I was promoted to the Table Games Department as a dealer for 16 years. An Executive casino Host position came open in the Marketing department and I applied and was hired. The guests I dealt to for many years I see now as their host.”


Lolita Marsette-Jones | Lumière Place Casino & Hotels

Lolita Marsette-Jones is the Revenue Audit Manager

“I started working at the President Casino in April 1997 as Cage Cashier. I was a cage Cashier for about a year before I transitioned to main banker. I stayed at the President as a Main banker for about 9 years, until I transferred to Lumiere Place as a Main banker in November of 2007. I remained a Main banker for about 9 years and then I transitioned to Cage Supervisor. I held that position for about 1 year and a half before I transitioned to Revenue Audit Manager. I greatly enjoy the people that I work with and the fast paced environment. I am constantly learning in my position, no two days are alike and it keeps me on my toes. For anyone wanting to progress in the Casino industry, my advice would be to learn all you can and commit to hard work and dedication. I have remained with the company for 20 years because, I enjoy the work that I do and I am committed to the company’s success. ”