Lake Tahoe is not just any lake.  It’s the largest alpine lake in North America, with 99.994% pure waters, allowing you to gaze down to a distance of 70 feet. This lake is perched high, smack dab in the Sierra Nevada, but its waters run deep – the second deepest lake in the United States!  There are panoramic views of mountains from every point along the lake’s shores – you simply can’t miss them, so you can’t go wrong with any location along the beach.  We’re completely surrounded by beauty.


Lake Tahoe provides excitement and challenge at any level. Spend the day doing a gentle hike or trying to hang on to a bike as you plummet down a step hill – your choice. Pick your adrenaline level and go for it. We even do skiing both ways – liquid and frozen.   While our area is celebrated for our spectacular snow sports arenas, there’s also so much to do on the water, be it on skis, a paddle board, or a boat.  Of course, as a resident, you’ll probably join the crew of daredevils that become mountain bikers – just wait and see! See all the incredible scenery, from fantastic views of Lake Tahoe, to the Douglas Fir groves. If you’d like a more genteel sport, grab your clubs and go golfing on one of our distinctive courses.  All activities are supported by specialty shops that cater to just your flavor of fun.


Whether pubs or dance clubs, you’ll have a place to spend your second wind each night.  As full as the lake is with water, the Lake Tahoe area is filled with restaurants, grills and bars, including the well-recognized Hard Rock Café to local favorites – pick your pleasure.  There’s an incredible array a nightlife venues, each with a distinctive flavor of both atmosphere and food.  Not to mention music. Is electronic your beat? How about jazz? Turn the dial by just skipping down the street. Lake Tahoe has eclectic local offerings as well as big names we’ve hooked to perform. You could spend a lifetime’s worth of nightlife exploring the adventures only visible when the sun goes down!


Lake Tahoe offers fun activities for kids and families. From ski school (snow and water!), to camps, to carriage rides, your whole family will find plenty to enjoy. Lake Tahoe provides ski lessons for the young and the young at heart, as well as specially designed areas for beginner snow skiers and snow play areas.  There are countless camps devoted to the many other activities and adventures here – from hiking to fishing and other sports.  There are parks to enjoy, disc golf courses, mountain biking trails, hot air balloon rides, tubing and kayaking trips, skateboarding locations, ice skating rinks, not to mention museums and recreation centers!


Beyond the specialty stores where you’ll be suiting up to become an expert at your latest sport obsession, or the endless boutiques where you can find unique gifts and treasures, there are shops galore for clothing, jewelry, antiques, shoes, books, imports and art.  You’ll never go without a huge selection at your fingertips so you can pick the very best item for yourself or a friend, whether you’re shopping for a canoe or a candle.


You’ll see that Lake Tahoe is a city that, when given two options, we like to take both. Water or snow skiing? We’ll take both! Excitement or relaxation? We’ll take both! Not only will we take it, we’ll make it our own. With our beautiful scenery and built-in activities, we didn’t exactly have to beg the casinos and hotels to come here. They were chomping at the bit to provide residents and guests alike with entertainment and luxury. Instead of competing with the glitz of Vegas, the casinos here fit the unique Lake Tahoe vibe. Have a sophisticated evening of gaming and glamour, or go for an out-of-this-world massage.  But then again, why not take both?


The arts in Lake Tahoe are built around both the natural beauty and native history of the area.  Residents here are devoted to keeping both alive through appreciation, respect and maintenance.  Throughout the year, there are many organized events devoted to helping residents connect to, preserve and celebrate the geography, wildlife and native history of Lake Tahoe. Local authors and visual artists help to develop a rich sense of the area’s talent, and the performing arts are expressed on a wide scale, from ballet to native dance.  Residents of Lake Tahoe sink deep into a body of vibrant, diverse culture and art.


How’s two million years for history?  Lake Tahoe was formed during the Ice Age. Yes, the Ice Age. After the big melt, we’re left with this gorgeous lake and beautiful snow-capped mountains. The Washoe tribe originally peopled the area, and the word “Tahoe” derives from their language, a Washo word “da’aw,” which means lake.  Essentially, Lake Tahoe means “Lake Lake,” which makes sense as it is truly the lake of all lakes! After white explorers appeared, gold was discovered. From there, an era of mining developed, with thousands of people descending on the region to mine gold, silver and timber.  Eventually, the undeniable natural beauty lead to Lake Tahoe meeting its destiny as a destination for those seeking to simply look and enjoy the wonders that Lake Tahoe presents.


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